Jacky Ben Zaken, “Nir Klinger remains SC Ashdod”

Jacky Ben Zaken responds to pressure to sack coach Nir Klinger Id Ashdod, and says that the coach left.
According to the article published in Walla Sports Jacky Ben Zaken spoke with Nir Klinger and at this stage do not intend to fire him. In response to this pressure come Ashdod Id writer has been playing Friday without a victory can get caught up in the playoffs bottom. Klinger hope that players will see better capabilities down the road.

Jacky Ben Zaken

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Jacky Ben Zaken To the Players: “such games should forget”

An article in one site says that last night’s dressing room was Ashdod Id feeling of chaos and helplessness as a result of the defeat 5: 0 Maccabi Haifa. The game last night signed 5 consecutive games without a victory and what he looks like a war on the upper playoffs can make war on the subway. However, Jacky Ben-Zaken encouraged the players and told them: “Such games have to forget, take the good things and move on”.

Jacky Ben Zaken

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Jacky Ben Zaken: “I was pleased despite the loss”

MS Ashdod recorded yesterday (Saturday) in Beersheba fourth consecutive loss (2: 1), and the last five games has a single point. Despite this clear Jacky Ben Zaken Tuesday that he has no intention of making dramatic changes or shocks in the group. 

“I was very pleased today even though we lost to Beersheba,” said Jacky Ben Zaken. ”I’m not going to make any moves at the moment and regardless I’m pleased Nir Klinger. “Yesterday began to appear all sorts of names of candidates for training Ashdod some places, which angered Jacky Ben Zaken.

He sent a message Klinger whereby everything posted is incorrect. Jacky Ben Zaken even asked the coach to focus on the mental side and lift the players morale. He suggested that the group will hold a fun day this week & B formulation.

Jacky Ben Zaken

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Jacky Ben-Zaken and Nir Klinger considering strengthening Id Ashdod

An article on the site met with Ashdod  Jacky Ben Zaken Jackie and coach Nir Klinger after home loss to Raanana.

The article noted that last season was MS Ashdod one of the best teams in the league on its home ground, it rarely lost, but the season is still looking for its maiden victory in the junior year stadium. Coach Nir Klinger has been discussed with the owner Jacky Ben Zaken on the state of the group and will do so again in the coming day when the subject Retaining exceed chapter.

Read the full article:

Jacky Ben Zaken

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Jacky Ben Zaken: “principle of reciprocity”

Management of Ashdod conditioned “principle of reciprocity” that Maccabi will sell tickets to all gates in 50 NIS. Yellow fans: “It’s exercise,” Ashdod “ridiculous face”. ubject protest ticket prices continue to engage the fans of the teams, especially the fans of Maccabi Tel Aviv.

After Hapoel Raanana, Maccabi Netanya and Hapoel Acre has been complied mutual initiative of yellow, who refuses to accept she is with MS Ashdod, Jacky Ben-Zaken.
Spokesman MS Ashdod, fan Ţuică, responded reporter Yigal Berman: Sport Club Ashdod is a leader of the revolution about ticket prices in Israel and was the first to apply free entry and offer reciprocity in previous years. Reference Maccabi Tel Aviv fans of bizarre and ridiculous.

How do they expect us to give up the income of hundreds of thousands of dollars while their management is not ready to give up on this income? When we announced free entry to most home games of MS Ashdod knew we would have to compensate the owners of our subscribers how we operate.

If you want to do a flat rate, it would be always the same. We accept no Maccabi’s management seeks to ensure the welfare of our fans back while she does not. Handsome requires practice what we preach. “The reaction of the owner Jacky Ben Zaken living abroad could not be reached.

Jacky Ben Zaken

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Jacky Ben Zaken: Hatem will be the team’s next defender

Hatem Abdel-Hamid, “Jacky Ben Zaken came and said to me, ‘You will be the team’s next defender”.
An MS Ashdod reveals how he got the position for which he summons the first Israeli team, how he felt during the war in the south (“It hurts me every dead person, even if that soldier”) and recalls the tragedy that kept him away for several months.

Jacky Ben Zaken

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Jacky Ben Zaken: free entry for fans of Ashdod and Beersheba

After returning to normal and HFC Deregulation of SC Ashdod decided owner Jacky Ben Zaken, allow free entry Toto Cup game on Saturday, against Hapoel Beer Sheva stadium eleventh, which benefit the fans will enjoy two camps.

Jacky Ben Zaken

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Jacky Ben-Zaken and Elstein partners with building cranes lipstick

New partner’s financial levers Lipstick Building businessman Eduardo Elstein, will join businessman Jacky Ben-Zaken, the Calcalist published. Previous partner’s views, Tao, sold its holdings in building a society where the rule Elstein and Marciano. The building was purchased in 2007 by a joint company which included the views of the  Jacky Ben-Zaken Marciano family.

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Jacky Ben-Zaken and Nniksoili put financial cranes partners

Jacky Ben-Zaken and his partner in financial levers, Abraham Nniksoili, signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding under which new partners will be introduced. This in Asian Trade Control Service had Mark Webber controlled and past Haim REVIVO player. It is estimated that the deal signed by Jacky Ben-Zaken and Nniksoili with new partners, will lead the company’s stability and strengthen it.

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Jacky Ben-Zaken and Nniksoili buy the Cinema City complex

Calcalist website states that the crane company, which dominate businessman Jacky Ben-Zaken and Avraham Nniksoili, acquire the Cinema City complex located between the cities of Tel Aviv and Herzliya, the boat ramp interchange districts. Cinema City complex includes approximately 24 acres. G’kn Nniksoili old son are expected to pay about NIS 394 million for the complex. Complex includes more than 20 theaters and many commercial areas.

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